History of Nurture Health

Nurture Health is a unique and vibrant nationwide counselling and training support service in Ireland managed by Managing Director Irene Lowry. We work with over 20 fantastic qualified humanistic counsellors who are accredited or pre-accredited to their respective governing bodies and are trained in our area of health. We specialise in supporting women and partners with their overall well being in the areas of Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth.

We understand and recognise that family life can be absolutely shattered by illnesses such as baby blues, depression during pregnancy, postnatal depression, post traumatic stress disorder,  IVF disappointment, stillbirths, miscarriages, neonatal deaths and premature births.

Irene’s professional background is diverse. She worked in sales and marketing for fifteen years and soon developed a passion for women’s health and thus trained to be a  humanistic counsellor. Irene established her own counselling practice in 2008 in Rush, County Dublin. Irene is an accredited counsellor with the IACP https://iacp.ie/accredited-membership-iacp

In 2015 Irene successfully won Social Entrepreneurs Ireland For Impact’ award an   extremely prestigious award. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland invested significantly in Irene both financially and professionally and Irene attended SEI’s business programme from 2015- 2017. This programme assisted Irene to understand the implications of developing further management skills as to what is required to financially manage and sustain a counselling business in the health care sector in Ireland http://socialentrepreneurs.ie/

Irene is an expert health advisor with https://www.everymum.ie/ and has written and contributed numerous support health articles for women talking about the signs and symptoms of baby blues, postnatal depression, traumatic birth and more.  https://www.everymum.ie/experts/mental-health-expert/everymum-maternal-mental-health-expert-irene-lowry/

All Nurture Health counsellors are more than passionate about their work and offer immediate affordable counselling supports on a daily basis. They recognise the need for women and partners to have access to supports and therefore have reduced their counselling fees to meet these critical needs. Nurture Health and our counsellors are a family we support each other, we value each other and are there for each other. We are more than grateful to each and every one of our caring counsellors who work with us every day to support as many women and partners as possible in Ireland.

“It really is okay to talk about it”