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Bracken Family Practice, Ballbriggan Primary Care Centre, 66 Dublin Street, Ballbriggan Co. Dublin Ireland


Bag packingNurture was established in Dublin in 2011. We are a young, vibrant and unique charity in Ireland today. We offer Support Services to women and their families in the areas of post natal depression, depression in pregnancy, post-traumatic stress disorder, miscarriage, stillbirth, failed IVF and much more.

Did you know in Ireland every year there are aprx. 40,000 women diagnosed with these debilitating illnesses? This area of mental health is hugely Stigmatised and Taboo women will not talk about how they really feel as they are ashamed, embarrassed, alone and isolated with their feelings. Nurture’s aim is to raise awareness about the supports we offer, educate and help reduce these stigmas over time enabling women to realise “It really is okay to talk about it”.  

We rely heavily on volunteers to help us with the office administration, fundraising and funding, pr & marketing so if you can offer your help to us you don’t know how much it would mean to us and our clients.

Why volunteer with Nurture?

We just love our volunteers and fully respect their work. We appreciate the time and effort they put in working with our charity. Nurture will provide relevant training to you. You will feel part of our family as we already have some fantastic volunteers currently working with us. All working in Nurture attend our events we are an inclusive charity.

We are very flexible with the times and locations of where you can volunteer with us.  So please come on board and contact us by registering below.  We would love to hear from you!

Check out some of the volunteer positions we have available

Office Administration
Grant Application Volunteer
PR & Marketing
Fundraising Manager
Fundraising & Events Volunteer

Email if you would like to volunteer for us.

Here are 10 great reasons to volunteer by Volunteer Ireland
Help Save Resources

Volunteering helps not-for-profits save on time, cost and labour allowing more resources to be channelled into meeting the urgent needs of the people who use their services.

Learn Something New

As a volunteer you will have a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how work in the community & voluntary sector is conducted i.e. what structures, policies and attitudes inform the work of people and services responding to community needs.  You will often gain new skills and get experience that you can add to your cv.

Raise Awareness of the Work You Do

Volunteering is an opportunity to raise awareness of your company and the important work that you do. It allows you to connect ‘across sectors’ and see how your professional work is of value to the wider community. Your energy and enthusiasm will inspire team-mates, community workers and service-users.
For example, volunteers who work with disadvantaged youths often act as positive role models inspiring young people to strive for their personal best.

Discover Hidden Talents

Volunteering gives you access to new experiences, approaches and ways of interacting with others. You may discover a new passion or develop a long-term interest in a worthy cause.

Increase your Personal Health

Volunteering is good for you. Experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts tension producing patterns and increases physical and mental health. Company volunteers report feelings of improved wellbeing and self-esteem.

Build New Relationships

Volunteers have a valuable opportunity to meet and form relationships with community workers, service-users and the people whose lives are being benefitted by volunteerism.

Strengthen Existing Relationships

Working as part of a team on a project outside your ordinary work routine allows you to connect in a new, fun way with your colleagues. Volunteer experiences build camaraderie and form meaningful and memorable experiences.

Volunteering is a relaxed, non-pressurised and creative alternative to an ordinary work day!

Volunteering impacts on the community in a way that changes lives for the better. Your contribution will improve the lives of both individuals and the wider community.