Two women who have gone through postnatal depression tell their stories to Anton.

anton-savage-show-todayfmAbout 12,000 people each year are diagnosed with postnatal depression, and yet there still remains a stigma when it comes to talking about it.

Becky and Karen are two women who have battled with postnatal depression, but who have come through it to the other side. They joined Anton this morning to tell their stories.

Both Becky and Karen received help from Nurture, an organisation who offer support to new parents, mothers or fathers, who are dealing with the effects of postnatal depression in their lives.

They will see each patient within two weeks, and offer Skype counselling for people who can’t make it to an office. For more information about Nurture, check their website , Facebook, or Twitter. You can also call 01 843 0950.

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