What we do in Nurture Health

Nurture Health is a nationwide counselling support service offering timely, affordable professional counselling and supports surrounding conception, pregnancy and childbirth wellbeing to women and partners. Our philosophy is one of listening and supporting women back to positive emotional ‘well being’.

Nurture Health Support Services

Immediate, Affordable Professional Counselling Supports

One to One / Counselling via Skype / Telephone


Facilitated Support Groups

Our counsellors facilitate women’s support groups (8 week period)

Wellbeing Training Programmes

Corporates, Companies, Organisations & Female Groups Wellbeing Programmes:

WOW (Wellness of Women in the Workplace)

Returning Back to Work (After maternity leave)

Wellness Information Days

Providing Support for:

Depression In Pregnancy / Post-Natal Depression / Anxiety

Traumatic Birth

Miscarriage / Loss of a baby

Fertility Difficulties

Counselling Supports

Those who turn to Nurture Health are seen by a professional counsellor within two weeks of contacting us. We have ‘No Waiting Lists’.  We also offer counselling supports via Skype and Telephone which is more than beneficial to those women or partners who may not be able to travel or may not be in our support areas.

Depression relating to conception,  pregnancy and childbirth is not linked to age or social status nor is it associated with just women, it affects men too.  Nurture Health also offers affordable and accessible counselling support services to men to support them with their own related wellbeing difficulties.

Facilitated Support Groups

With our professional counsellors we support women who would like to join our facilitated support groups. These groups are truly inspirational for women as they attend the group initially as a stranger and generally leave have made life long real friends.

Wellbeing Training Programmes

In Nurture Health through our years of experience working in the area of wellbeing we understand how important it is for women to be supported both in the workplace and at home. We have designed several wellbeing programmes such as:

WOW (Wellness of Women in the Workplace)

Returning Back to Work (After maternity leave)

We also have future plans to develop and design other relevant wellbeing programmes which will assist and support women nationwide.

Wellness Information Days

Women are open to further understanding of their own daily stresses and anxieties in their lives. The key is to acknowledge these stresses and learn how to keep well and maintain a busy life work / home balance. Our wellness information days address these issues and help you with new resources and understanding as to how to keep well and feel happy about doing so.

Nurture works alongside GP’s, Health professionals, Maternity hospitals, Local HSE primary care teams, Adult mental health services, Public health nurses and Child services, and in conjunction with community groups and other organisations that work in this specific area of mental health.

Annual statistics relating to women’s related illnesses in Ireland

22,000 women are diagnosed with antenatal and postnatal depression.

15,000 women will experience a miscarriage (1 in 5 women)

4,500 women will experience post traumatic stress disorder

2,600 couples decide to work IVF  (In vitro fertilisation)

650 tragically babies die each year

These figures prove a woman should not feel alone there are thousands of other women experiencing illnesses just like you. This is why it is so important for you to reach out if you are struggling talk to your partner, a loved one, family, a friend, a GP, a Public Health Nurse, or any other professional who you believe could help you at this time. Or Call Nurture on:

085 8619585.

Nurture Health’s mission to to offer immediate affordable professional supports to women and partners to help them get back to living a healthy and fulfilling life and to continue to grow our supports based on your needs.

Breaking the Silence

Regarding the areas of health we work in such as post natal depression, miscarriage, loss of a baby our aim is to ‘Break the Silence’ and we can only do this with your help that with professional supports over time women and partners will be open to talking about their own health struggles and help us break this national silence.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team in Nurture please click here to see how to contact us.

All information is treated with utmost confidentiality

“It really is okay to talk about it”