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Valaries Testimonial 2017


I have just welcomed my second child.  I am writing this because if it had not been for Nurture and Irene things may be different.  I had my daughter 4 years and 4 months ago. It was a dream pregnancy and a honeymoon baby. It was supposed to be perfect. She was perfect. But I didnt know it I had what some might perceive as everything but to me it was hell… a mess of emotions…. a black cloud….. a nightmare I couldn,t wake from.  Why didnt I feel happy.  Why didn,t I feel content.  Why couldn,t I see what others did.  I didnt know it but I was suffering from post natal depression.  Thankfully my public health nurse recognised what was going on and brought me to my doctor.

She also put me in touch with Nurture.  My doctor was sympathetic but not practical, she told me to reduce my standards, get a cleaner and perhaps ask my mum to take time off work and live with me.  She did start me on anti depressants as well, which I am glad she did.  Thankfully though Irene rang me the next day, she told me she got my details but was at a golf event and couldn,t talk but would ring me early next week.  I was so happy to get the call but felt I would never hear from her again. That I was being fobbed off.  How wrong I was.  Irene was true to her word.  She set me up with an amazing counsellor and set me up with a support group.  I felt my feelings were validated.  I was being listened to and there was light.  My doc helped with the chemical side but that was not enough.  4 years later I am stronger.  I have been given so many support tools  thanks to Nurture.  I have since lost two babies, one was quite traumatic as I nearly lost my life.  I then experienced fertility issues, which caused stressed on both me physically and mentally and put pressure on my marriage.  But the tools I learnt with Nurture got me through it.  I also asked for help and registered myself for CBT cognitive behavioral therapy classes.  I previously wouldn,t of asked for help.  I am now lying in bed with my new born baby.  I am tired, I am stressed thanks to zero sleep and a 4 years with a cough.  But I know these feelings are not normal when you just had a baby …… But equally I was aware of what feelings are not normal and if I experience them I know were to go.  At the moment I am not strong enough to put myself out there so will help financially where I can.  But one day I hope I am in a position to help Nurture in presence and to support women who are going through this.  I am writing this to you both to say thank you.  You were there when I was at my most vulnerable and in need of help.  I will forever be appreciative of your help and organisation.

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December 2017

Some time ago I met with a Nurture Counsellor following a severe birth trauma.  I had come to see her weekly over the course of a year and she has really helped me come on in leaps and bounds.

When I first came to her the very thought of going through another pregnancy was terrifying and I really could not bring myself to get pregnant again despite having a beautiful healthy boy.

Although my birth experience was not an emergency nor was it a difficult birth(I gave birth naturally without intervention), it was how the staff treated me.  I had a severe needle phobia and to have medical staff snear at your phobia is extremely stressful and you are made feel like a drama queen or a prima donna!

My counsellor really helped me understand my traumatic experience and then we addressed the severe needle phobia through breathing exercises and visualisation.

So here I am happily married and looking forward to a new baby in may 2018 (in a different hospital) and guess what?  I was even skipping to the Laboratory to have blood taken and I was not even sick or faint.

If this is not a complete turn around in a persons life I really do not know what is !

Like I say I cannot thank the organisation enough and especially my counsellor.

                                                          Thank you Nurture.