learnaboutcounsellingNurture is a needs led charity and we are expanding our support services as required to meet the demands of women we support. Some women experiencing the illnesses we work with at times can feel lost and very isolated. They may be struggling to cope with everyday life have suicidal thoughts or be considering suicide as an option.

Nurture wraps immediate supports around them by:

  • Contacting family members and asking them to help their loved one by offering practical support to them during this most difficult period
  • Support children in the home with practical solutions such as minding them for some hours each day giving the woman a break to allow her down time for herself
  • Nurture offers immediate one to one counselling supports both to women and partners
  • A woman can attend our support groups
  • Nurture works very closely with Public Health Nurses, Midwives, GP’s, Gynaecologists, Psychiatrists and other health professionals who also can offer their supports at this time

The areas of maternal mental health Nurture work with are hugely stigmatised and taboo.

Women in general find it extremely difficult to talk about their feelings. They are afraid to admit to experiencing post-natal depression or having suicidal thoughts (which they may never act upon), as they are terrified their baby might be taken off them.

We must advise that this is not the case women will be supported in the home as much as possible by other health professionals such as Public Health Nurses, GP’s and Psychiatrists.

Nurture’s immediate supports have proven life saving for many women and their families. By talking with family members this helps them understand what their loved one is going through. Women are no longer struggling in isolation with intrusive thoughts.  Children in the family home can be supported by family or friends. Women realise that others are willing to support them at this painful time.

Early intervention and education is key for women to get back to positive emotional wellbeing. With combined supports from Nurture, family members and other health professionals women have the opportunity to look at building their own emotional resilience and family life can once again be restored. Women slowly realise they have a sense of HOPE.