Mini Marathon 2013

We are delighted you are interested in helping to raise funds for Nurture.

Each year in Ireland, approximately 22,000 women are diagnosed with antenatal and postnatal depression. Postpartum psychosis affects approximately one in every 1,000 women in Ireland. Thousands more women suffer from depression brought on by the death of a baby or fertility problems. More than one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage and around 500 babies die around the time of birth each year.

Every year Nurture’s helps hundreds of women, men and their families get back to living a healthy & happy life and we want to be able to offer our services and supports nationwide to anyone who is suffering from a pregnancy & childbirth related mental health illness.  We need your help to make our mission a reality.

Nurture have qualified counsellors who are specially trained to guide, listen to and support women, men and their families around pregnancy and childbirth related depression in an affordable and confidential environment. Our counsellors also facilitate our support groups and life skills courses and all our administration is done by a small dedicated team of volunteers which includes our CEO.

Nurture is a registered Irish charity and receives some funding towards specific services from the National Office for Suicide Prevention which we are delighted about but we are still heavily reliant on donations from the public to cover all our services. This is why we so desperately need your help as we cannot continue without financial help from the public.   Your time, effort, and contributions will enable Nurture to provide crucial support services to mothers, fathers, partners and families affected by pregnancy and childbirth related mental health illnesses.

Attend Our Fundraisers

We host several fundraising events throughout the year to raise vital funds to keep our charity up and running. Check out our News and Events section to learn more about our upcoming events.

Why Not Participate in a Planned Event?

There are plenty of planned events where you can fundraise for Nurture like the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, the Dublin City Marathon or if you like a different type of challenge why not try one of the Hell and Back events. See our Participate in a Planned Event page for a list of events and how you can join in.

Why Not Have Your Own Fundraising Event?

We are always looking for people to participate in the charity and are thrilled with every fundraising event held on our behalf. See our Host your own Event Guide for guidance and tips and our Fundraising Ideas for some suggestions for your event.

Other ways to help us raise vital funds

  • Create a monthly direct debit
  • Work as a volunteer with the charity
  • Offer your professional services
  • Sponsor us and our work
  • Help raise awareness of our work through social media