Wedding DonationWedding donations on your special day can help Nurture with its lifesaving work and make all the difference to Irish women, their partners & families

Donating to Nurture as part of your wedding will help us fund our counselling & support groups which can make all the difference to women who are suffering from depression and other mental health illnesses. Your celebration can help them recover from their debilitating illness and can change not only their life but the lives of their family as well.

You can involve Nurture in your special day by giving wedding donations in lieu of gifts or in place of wedding favours.

Ask for Donations instead of Gifts

Don’t need another crystal vase.  Don’t need a gift from your guests. Invite your family and friends to donate to Nurture instead of giving you gifts.

If you wish you can create your own personal page to celebrate your special day where their donations will be sent directly to Nurture, just ask them to register on your page so that you can keep track of who has donated for your thank you notes, to setup your own personal iDonate fundraising page, click here

Wedding Favours

Wedding FavoursGive your wedding guests a unique and meaningful thank you gift or favour, or remember loved ones who can’t be there to celebrate your special day, by donating the money you would have spent on wedding favours to Nurture.

To acknowledge your gift, we can provide you with table cards which you may place appropriately on the day notifying your guests that a donation has been made in their honour or in the honour of your loved one.


Please call Nurture on 01 – 8430930 or email: to discuss your needs for your special day.